Powerful yet simple.

Yacht management made safer, more productive and cost efficient thus achieving our goal of “Peace of Mind” every time a person steps on board a yacht, whether as an owner, client, or crew member.

Certificate Management

Ensures ship and crew certificates are current and abiding by international and maritime legal codes with proactive alerts.

Crew Management

Crew data such as medical history and other critical personal information individually recorded for easy access.


Integrated ordering  through inventory and vendors with automated workflow logic.       Learn More


Guest Management

Efficiently record and maintain guest data.


Record and access vendor information for simplified ordering of parts, consumables  and services.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to crew members and link to jobs such as planned and corrective maintenance, procedures or drills.
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Create and generate reports using predefined templates. Simplify submission process of vessel and crew status for ISM and ISPS.

Mobile Ready

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets allowing for real-time data logging and remote management.

QuarterMaster Log

Chief officers can use this to log the yacht’s on/off board traffic.
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