Inventory Control

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s marine & maritime technologies evolve, distant voyages become more and more accessible. With cruise speeds often exceeding 20 knots and autonomy reaching 2.000 miles, modern yachts are larger, faster and more seaworthy than their ancestors. But despite the industry’s efforts, a new challenge has arisen: The efficient management of the massive database behind a vessel. One fraction of this challenge is definitely the inventory control. On long journeys, it is a common practice that a number of critical maintenance parts and smaller items like tools and screws, are being stored in the vessel’s inventory. Nevertheless, the difficulty doesn’t stand in storing those parts, but controlling this huge stock. Until now, parts and items would be checked in one by one on paper documents, giving the crew a hard time every time a part was urgently needed. ShipView can track every part or item of your inventory in a glance, helping you to locate it fast and easy. Additionally, if a part you are looking for is out of stock, ShipView’s special feature called Vendors can track for you the nearest -or the most inexpensive- offer using your current coordinates. Above purchase, the stock quantities will be updated automatically, presenting you the new way of replenishing your inventory.