Maintenance Management

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[dropcap]Υ[/dropcap]achts and Mega Yacht’s maintenance needs, require a tremendous amount of data logging and management: A simple mistake could be easily translated into hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars’ loss. Nevertheless, there were occasions that the cost could have been a human life. We take safety seriously, and this is why so much effort has been going on under ShipView’s development. Vessels equipped with ShipView are always maintained correctly:  Parts are replaced in-time and on-spec with the help of the integrated Alert feature, while user can review each component’s status, criticalness and history, including it’s running hours or elapsed time since last replacement.  Either you want to enhance the maintenance management or you want to ensure you have the full picture and full control of the yacht’s status, ShipView will show you the way.

    • Extended Part History During maintenance, parts can get repaired or replaced with new ones. The defective parts sometimes are sent for refurbishment and then stored to the yacht’s inventory before being re-installed in another component of the vessel. With ShipView, you can easily track the entire history of a part,  a key-feature in a potential problem-solving situation.
    • Customizable Alerts Canceling or altering the journey’s course unexpectedly can be a real disappointment. We’ve personally witnessed 400 foot, 7400 tons yachts, forced to change route at the last moment because of a poorly maintained part of 100$,  literally blowing up the guests long awaited plans. With ShipView, you can set alarms and get informed for parts need replacement/maintenance on-time.
    • Data Visualization A common problem with databases of all kinds, is they tend to get unreadable as they enlarge. In a yacht’s part database the problem grows bigger, mostly because of the complex structure of systems, components, parts etc.  As a solution, we rigged ShipView with the option to visualize elements, uploading actual images: A handy feature while check-marking parts on site with your tablet.
    • Attach documents Like anywhere else, most components/parts of a vessel come with documents like plans, service manuals, operation guides etc. But when it comes to the scheduled maintenance, or worse, to an unexpected part failure, finding those documents is mandatory and can sometimes judge the future of your journey. ShipView helps you save time and money by attaching the appropriate documents right next to each part. Fast and easy to use, you have full control.
    • Easy to use We know that “User Friendly”, the term oftenly used by some determined marketeers, has been a disappointing joke in the past. Rest assured however, that ShipView will not mess with your expectations: Despite its sophisticated logic and the endless capabilities, it is a real user friendly tool that will fit you like a glove.