Personnel Management

[title_small title=”Manage Crew & Guests within a friendly interface” /]

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s technology evolves luxury yachts are ever growing in size. Superyachts are now Megayachts. New services and features that decades ago were a mere fantasy are now a reality. Large vessels however need large crews. Managing so many different people with diverse specialties, on-board responsibilities and nationalities has become a critical challenge to the operation of a sophisticated yacht. ShipView solves the complexity of crew and guest management with a simple and powerful user interface.

The individual data of each crew member and guest is separately managed. Special attention is given to expirable documents, such as passports, visas and certificates. Alert notifications assure that individuals are in compliance with maritime and international law removing the threat of a journey that could end unexpectedly.   Furthermore, ShipView documents and monitors other critical crew member data such as next-of-kin contact information, medical history, responsibilities, wardrobe and leaves-of-absence in a private and efficient manner.